Novartis case investigating magistrate, witness test positive to coronavirus

Supreme Court investigator on the Novartis pharmaceuticals case Constantina Alevizopoulou tested positive to coronavirus, it was announced on Tuesday.

Alevizopoulou appears to have been infected by former Justice minister Michalis Kalogirou, who is currently hospitalized with Covid-19.

The director of the office of SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, Kalogirou had paid a visit to the justice’s offices for a deposition on February 3. He later tested positive to the virus, specifically to the UK strain.

He notified the justice, who went into home isolation preventatively as did a secretary in the case and their respective families. After a fever, Alevizopoulou paid a visit to a hospital and was diagnosed there. She is currently under medical supervision from home along with family members.