Novartis investigation ‘a dark case undermining the institutions,’ says Avramopoulos

In a comment on the latest developments in the ongoing Novartis investigation in Greece, European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos referred to a “dark case” that undermines the institutions and the dignity of political figures, while speaking during a press conference on Friday. Avramopoulos, who has also been named as a person of interest in the investigation, expressed his annoyance and regret that “a disgusting case with the characteristics of a frame is dominating public dialogue in Greece”.

“This case does not touch me in any way, it is a pathetic and vile case of slander using false witnesses wearing hoods. The criminal activity will be revealed when an investigation is carried out, as independent justice is obliged to do in a democratic country. No hood-wearer, false witness or frame can cast even the slightest suspicion of a shadow on my person…it is a conspiracy. The unbelievable lies do not bear the hallmarks of witness testimony, their aim is directed perjury. In addition to my suit against the fake witnesses, I will submit a request to the Supreme Court to withdraw the protected status of the witnesses so that the prestige of the Justice can be protected from circles that operate outside the institutions. The testimonies that sully political reputations are based on speculation and rumour and are not accompanied by any evidence. They are false,” said Avramopoulos.