November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas receives his first two-day furlough from Korydallos

Convicted November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas was granted on Wednesday his first two-day furlough by the prison council of Korydallos, where he has been imprisoned since 2003, and is expected to step outside of prison on Thursday morning.

Koufodinas, who has been in prison since his conviction in 2003, had requested a furlough in the past, but it had been rejected.

The leading member of the terror group is serving eleven life sentences for murder after he was identified as its main hitman in a major trial that followed his arrest and the dismantling of 17N. The terror group launched dozens of attacks between 1975 and 2000 that killed 23 people, in 103 attacks on U.S., British, Turkish and Greek nationals.

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis criticized the decision saying the November 17 hitman has never expressed any remorse for his actions.

“Granting any furlough to Koufodinas is inconceivable. Not only for his heinous actions against Democracy, but also because he has never expressed any remorse for them and remains the ideological leader of the new generation of terrorists,” Mitsotakis tweeted.