NSRF funds to help upgrade Athens commercial center and improve facilities, mayor says

The upgrade of Athens’ commercial centre with pedestrian walkways and the improvement of facilities and landscaping at the National Garden are among projects worth 85 million euros to be funded with the help of National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) funds, signed off by the Attica Region on Friday.

The NSRF 2014-2020 will fund the “Athens 2020: Viable growth for tourism, culture and innovation” programme that includes urban landscaping, climate change management, improved energy efficiency, support for health and social care, and support to business.

The programme continues that of the 2007-2013 funding period, “Project Athens,” which had focused on managing the social crisis, supporting business and promoting Athens as a tourist destination. It is responsible for the replanning of the Kypseli municipal market, the reconfiguration of Villa Amalia as a school, the upgrade of Technopolis facilities, and the setting up of new municipal clinics and bioclimatic nursery schools, among others.

Athens Mayor George Kaminis said the “Athens 2020” programme includes actions along two tangents, economic development of the city and improvement of the quality of life for Athenians. “In this framework, we are planning interventions with significant impact on Athens that will contribute in crucial ways to the city’s revitalisation, the relief of vulnerable groups, and improvements in the daily lives of residents,” he said.