NSRF programme of 22.4 million euros to support 7,000 private-sector workers

On July 29, a new NSRF programme amounting to 22.4 million euros will be launched to support 7,000 private-sector workers that support their prospects of better terms of employment and professional mobility.

The participants must be on the payroll of private-sector enterprises. Self-employed or unemployed persons are not entitled to the programme, with the sole exception of seasonal workers in the tourism sector who are likely to be unemployed when they start participating in the action.

The programme will provide counselling, on-the-job training and certification of acquired skills through assessment of their knowledge and abilities by accredited certification bodies, in accordance with the international standard ISO / IEC 17024 or the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EAPEPP). Horizontal actions will also be required to coordinate, manage, monitor, and promote publicity.

The programme takes into account the general state of the employment sector, in particular the emergence of precarious jobs, as well as the need to substantially strengthen the potential of workers in the private sector to get employment, their prospects of improving the terms of their employment and their professional mobility to secure more favourable employment terms. Ξ€here will be 7,000 beneficiaries of the programme in total, regardless of the sector of the economy in which they are employed.

The training and certification actions will be carried out exclusively by outsourcing through an open public tender process in accordance with EU and national law.

The programme will launch on July 29, 2019 and will end on December 28, 2020.