Number of suicides steadily increasing, Greek suicide helpline reports

More people die of suicide than from war as every 40 seconds a person around the world puts an end to his life, according to data published by the World Health Organisation to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. According to figures from the Suicide Helpline ‘Klimaka’, more than 500 people have committed suicide in Greece in recent years. The last official figures on the number of suicides in Greece released by ELSTAT were for the year 2016, when it recorded 484 suicides in that year. The figures show that:

– The number of suicides has been steadily increasing.

– Most suicides are carried out by men.

– The highest suicide rates were among people aged 60-64 and 80-plus years of age, followed by people aged 45-49 and 50-59.

– The regions with the highest suicide rates in Greece are Crete, Thessaly and Attica.

– The most common method of suicide in Greece in the last three years is by hanging.

– The periods with the highest suicide rates are the spring and summer months. (March to August)

This year’s World Day has a central motto of “Working together to prevent suicide” and aims to mobilise the whole world to tackle the phenomenon.