OASA: Purchase of single fare with new Ath.Ena e-tickets will be possible

It will be possible to purchase a single fare of 1.4 euros, the equivalent of the current paper ticket, when the new Ath.Ena electronic ticket system goes into operation in early November, the head of the Athens public transport organisation OASA Yiannis Skoubouris said on Tuesday.

Though the option is not currently available, with passengers only able to top up an Ath.EnaTicket with a minimum of 4.5 euros (equivalent to a one-day pass) or seven euros (equivalent to five journeys), OASA has asked the system’s contractors to activate the option for purchasing a single fare using an e-ticket, Skoubouris said.

He said that OASA was also examining the introduction of incentives to encourage passengers to keep their electronic tickets and top them up with “refills” rather than throwing them away, by giving every 11th top-up for free.

According to sources, the deadline for getting the new Ath.EnaCards may be extended until November 10 for holders of October travel cards, the same as for those that have applied for a new electronic pass to be sent by post.