OEAD: Registered unemployment up 2.03 pct in January

Registered unemployment (seeking a job) grew 2.03 pct in January 2017 to 928,962, compared with December 2016, the Workforce Employment Organization (OAED) said on Tuesday.

OAED, in a monthly report, said that a total of 500,401 (53.87 pct) registered unemployed people were registered for more than 12 months, while the remaining 428,561 (46.13 pct) for less than 12 months, while the rate among women was 61.67 pct.

The 30-54 age group recorded the highest registered unemployment rate (64 pct), while 9 out of 10 registered unemployed were Greek citizens.

Total registered unemployment, not seeking a job, in January 2017 was down 0.71 pct compared with December 2016, while unemployed people receiving unemployment benefit totaled 157,015 in January, down 27,647 or 14.97 pct compared with December 2016.