OECD: Greek tax revenue/GDP ratio up to 36.8 pct in 2015

Tax revenue as a percentage of GDP in Greece grew by one percentage point to 36.8 pct in 2015, from 35.8 pct in 2014, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said in its Revenue Statistics 1965-2015 report released on Wednesday.

The Paris-based organisation said that the tax revenue/GDP ratio grew slightly to 34.3 pct last year from 34.2 pct in 2014 among the 32 member-states of OECD. It was the sixth successive year that this ratio surpassed the 50-year average level. Denmark (46.6 pct), France (45 pct) and Belgium (44.8 pct) recorded the highest tax revenue/GDP ratio, while Mexico (17.4 pct), Ireland (23.6 pct) and the US (26.4 pct) the lowest.

OECD, in a Consumption Tax Trends 2016 report, said that revenues in Greece grew to 14.3 pct of GDP in 2014 compared with 10.3 pct in the OECD. Tax burdens on cigarettes in Greece was the second highest in the OECD (83.2 pct) after an 86.51 pct in Ireland, while in unleaded petrol, the tax burden was 66.8 pct of the retail sale price and in diesel prices the tax burden was 48.7 pct of the retail sale price. In heating oil the tax burden was 46.9 pct of the retail sale price.