Oil slicks from Salamina spill sighted off Agios Kosmas coast, cleanup underway

Smaller oil slicks linked to the oil spill in Salamina were sighted off the shore of Agios Kosmas, on the southeast Attica coast, on Wednesday afternoon. Special anti-pollution craft are now conducting a cleanup operation in the area. The oil spill was caused when the small tanker “Agia Zoni II” sank last Sunday while anchored in waters southwest of Atalanti in the Saronic Gulf.

The spill has resulted in extensive pollution at Selinia and Kynosoura on the island of Salamina and in Freattyda and Piraiki, two coastal suburbs of Piraeus. The two smaller oil slicks are believed to have been carried east by the wind.

Private companies assigned the task of cleaning up the oil spill said all the incidents are “manageable” and are being dealt with at all points where they arise, while the entire operation is expected to conclude in roughly one month.

The companies said this will include any slicks moving below the surface of the water that are not easily visible by coast guard aircraft patrolling the area. The “Agia Zoni II” has currently sunk at a depth of 30 metres and an operation to pump any remaining fuel from its tanks is expected to begin on Wednesday.