Olg. Gerovasili: Greek government is ready to implement those provided in July agreement. Nothing more, nothing less

“The Greek government remains stable on its position. It is ready to implement those provided in July 2015 agreement. Nothing more, nothing less,” said government’s spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili after the conclusion of a meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday.

“All macroeconomic and fiscal figures reflect the progress of the Greek economy since July 2015, much better than all predictions. The economic figures are expected to be confirmed by EUROSTAT in the following days. We expect the conclusion of the agreement at technical level before the Eurogroup based on the Greek side’s proposals,” she said and announced that “in the following days two very important reforms will be tabled in the Greek parliament’s committees that bear the stamp of the government’s policy on insurance and taxation.”

On the disagreement of the institutions on the primary surplus target in 2018 as well as the necessary debt restructuring, Gerovassili said, “we reiterate that July’s agreement is clear, first the review and then the discussion and agreement on the debt.”