Olg. Gerovasili: Government’s image cannot be affected by the ‘cries’ of ND or various ‘fixed’ processes

The government’s image cannot be affected by the ‘cries’ of main opposition New Democracy or various ‘fixed’ processes, government spokeswoman Olga Gerovasili commented in statements to the state broadcaster ERT on Saturday.

“The government will be judged by the Greek people at the end of its four-year term,” Gerovasili said, on the sidelines of her speech at a conference in Ioannina.

She also accused ND of mounting an opposition that was “dangerous, not useful” and criticised the party’s repeated calls for early elections, its stance on the television licences’ tender and also on the committee coordinating a dialogue on revising Greece’s Constitution.

According to Gerovasili “no government at any time has been worn out because someone says they don’t like it. Even if they say it seven times a day…a government suffers wear to the degree that it serves the need of the Greek people and the country.”

With respect to the television licences’ tender, meanwhile, she accused ND of becoming the “mouthpiece of interests” and refusing to contribute to a useful dialogue, while blocking efforts to set up the National Council for Radio and Television. Greek society was aware of this, however, and wanted order imposed on the television sector, Gerovasili said.

She also rejected ND objections to the dialogue committee for revising the Constitution, noting that the committee’s task was simple to organise a dialogue with society not to revise the Constitution, which would be done in accordance with the procedures envisaged under Constitutional rules.