Olga Gerovasili: Τhe negotiation at technical groups’ level is in the final stage

Government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili said that the government estimates that the negotiation at technical groups’ level is in the final stage and this agreement may become the basis for the completion of the Greek programme’s review, during her briefing to the press.

Gerovassili said that the European institutions returned to Athens on Tuesday and IMF’s representative will arrive in Athens on Wednesday to participate in the deliberations.

She said that the messages from abroad say that the review must be completed and stability to prevail and underlined that at this moment the government is not interested in the political cost but in the country and the Greek people’s benefit.

Asked if the possibility of additional measures is a red line for the government, Gerovassili said that the existing agreement foresees that if the targets are not met then additional measures will be imposed. “However, to discuss today for measures in case 2018 primary surplus target is not met, makes no sense and it is not good for the economy and destabilises the economic climate” said Gerovassili.

She also said the government will not announce the measures before the bill is tabled.