One more flood victim dies in hospital, raising deaths to 23

An elderly woman that had been hospitalised in an ICU at Thriassio hospital since the floods has died, hospital authorities announced on Monday, raising the death toll from the west Attica floods to 23.

The woman, aged 85, was brought in suffering from hypothermic shock and severe injuries sustained during the flood in Mandra. According to sources, her condition was very serious and doctors knew from the start that they were dealing with a very difficult case. Despite their best efforts to keep her alive, she finally passed away on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the dead body of another flood victim in an advanced state of decay was brought to the hospital morgue for identification on Monday. After a process lasting approximately an hour, and mostly through the identification of objects found on the body, relatives confirmed that the remains were those of a 70-year-old man who was hunting in the area and had been reported missing in the floods.

The body was once again found near the bus depot in Mandra, covered by mud and debris, near the site where another three dead bodies had been recovered.