One of 8 Turkish servicemen released, with extra-tight security measures

One of the eight Turkish servicemen that fled to Greece after the failed coup in Turkey in 2016 was released from custody on Thursday, though with strict restrictions on his movements and extra-tight security, including a 24-hour police guard.

The order for his release implemented a court decision issued on April 19, which said that he should be set free with restrictions on his movements and remain under protection until a final decision on his petition for asylum is reached. The court also stipulated that he should not be issued with travel documents.

Police officers belonging to the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit (EKAM) and the Hellenic Police counter-terrorism department picked up the serviceman on Thursday and took him to an undisclosed location selected by Greek authorities, where he will remain under a strong 24-hour police guard.

In a decision on April 19, the Council of State partially accepted a migration policy ministry petition to suspend the asylum granted to the Turkish serviceman by the independent asylum service. The ministry has requested that the order granting him asylum be permanently revoked and a final decision on this will be reached by the Council of State plenary before May 20.