Only kindergartens, primary schools to reopen on January 11

The Education Ministry on Monday evening adopted the proposal of the Health Ministry’s committee of coronavirus experts for the reopening of kindergartens and primary schools on Monday January 11, and also decided that grades 7-12 are to restart e-classes on Friday January 8 – until further notice.

The committee will assess epidemiological data again next week, to then propose a date for the safe full physical reopening of grades 7-12.

Meanwhile teachers at kindergartens and primary schools, however, will take positions at schools as of Friday January 8, added the ministry.

Additionally, announcements will be made in the next few days concerning the reduction of the school year’s curriculum in grade 12, which will affect the volume of the material on which students will be tested at the end of the school year, to both pass the year and also sit university entry exams nationwide, was underlined by the ministry.

Moreover, new safety measures will be introduced upon the reopening of schools, to minimize the simultaneous presence of students’ parents, guardians and teachers, and which include setting different times of arriving at school and leaving school – by groups of classes. Using one way to enter schools and another to exit them will also be implemented, wherever this is feasible.

An online platform through which teachers can apply for free coronavirus testing will also be launched soon, the ministry underlined, and added that this is merely precautionary so as to start creating an epidemiological profile of schools.

“Live learning, by way of physical presence, is irreplaceable,” said Education Minister Niki Kerameus.