OPAP begins installation of VLTs

OPAP is rapidly implementing an investment plan to upgrade its network of agents into local entertainment destinations, to be funded by a five-year bond loan, currently underway.

The group will use 72.1 milion euros from the bond loan proceeds to upgrade the IT systems and technological infrastructure of agent network, of which 43.5 million euros in 2017. It will also use 25.2 million euros for the development of VLTs network to special gaming halls and existing network (of which 15.2 million in 2017) and an additional 20.3 million euros for the installation of SSBTs and Virtual Games (of which 12.3 million in 2017).

OPAP has already completed the pilot installation of Play games (VLTs) in 10 stores in Athens and plans to immediately install three VLTs in its network of agents around the country. Company officials said the aim was to install as much VLTs as possible within an agreed timetable.

OPAP is also rapidly implementing its Virtual Sports service and begins a pilot installation and operation program in 91 units in Athens, Thessaloniki and Ioannina. Introduction in all network is expected to begin in April 18.