OPAP implements 100-mln-euro investment plan

OPAP, a Greek-listed lottery and betting services company, is rapidly promoting the implementation of large investment on the network of agents, a key growth driver for the company and its agents, strengthening the foundations for a dynamic future. This investment, despite the ongoing crisis, is part of ongoing investment and business OPAP initiatives for the implementation of the Vision 2020 plan, amounting to 100 million euros.

OPAP said that a new contract signed by agents creates a secure and stable environment in the company network for the next five years. The new agreement clarifies the landscape on commission policy, establishing commission rates on net income in games, making things more simple for OPAP and agents. It also contributes decisively to upgrade OPAP’s relationship with its network and the transformation of agencies into modern local entertainment destinations. The commission is guaranteed for the next five years, which gives confidence and security to the agents. The implementation of the strategy by the leading gaming company in Greece comes at the most appropriate time, as customer needs change and they are more informed and demanding than ever. Through the investment for the development of the network, OPAP aims that agencies will be offering more product choices, harness new technologies and the network to become more attractive to players.

Already OPAP agents have multiple benefits from investments made by the company and are visible in both the total turnover, and the commissions they receive. Acquiring new licenses (Greek Sweepstakes, Skratch, Horse Race Betting) and improving existing games (KINO Bonus, Sport Betting Live), generated additional turnover for the network, which based on 2015 data amounts to more than 500 million euros annually. Additional fees received by the network on the basis of this development exceeded 40 million euros. In addition, investment in training OPAP agents created an additional 10% commission for agents involved in the program. Also central agreements for equipment and services lead to savings of over 10 million euros for the agents.

Investing in network focuses on three pillars, OPAP said: products and services, shops and support to the agent.