OPAP opens new roads to entrepreneurship

A new chapter has been opened for the 20 companies participating in OPAP’s “Business Development” program. The first two months of the program, with seminars and strategic guidance from high-level market executives, have already begun to bear fruit. Entrepreneurs practice their valuable know-how to overcome the challenges they face and, above all, gain a strong presence in international markets.

NanoPhos is one of the 20 companies selected to participate in the “Business Development” program by OPAP. It is a modern enterprise that exploits the science of nanotechnology, designs, manufactures and markets “smart” coatings and paints, used in building and shipping. Nanotechnology products are a revolution in the field of medicine, industrial processes, energy and the environment. NanoPhos exports 25 countries around the world.

“Our participation in the program helped not only to identify possible weaknesses, but also to stimulate our skills even further so that we have a better and stronger presence in international markets,” Ioannis Aramatzis, CEO said.

Another company in the program is Spotawheel, the first online car dealer in Greece. The services provided to its customers include the ground-breaking on-site certification service through Spotmechanic. Spotawheel CEO and co-founder Harris Arvanitis said: “OPAP’s” Business Development “has surprised us very positively. We have received incredibly important opportunities for mentoring, education and networking by renowned market entrepreneurs. It is a flexible program that meets our needs.”

The implementation of OPAP’s “Business Development” program is being carried out in collaboration with the international non-profit organization Endeavor and is proceeding intensively. The support provided to the 20 participating small and medium-sized enterprises is essential and focuses on what they really need to move forward: Integrated guidance, training seminars, access to financing tools and international markets, and networking actions.