Operation of Greek embassy in Libya’s Tripoli temporarily suspended

The operation of the Greek Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, has been temporarily suspended due to the adverse security conditions prevailing in the region, the Foreign Ministry said.

According to the National Defence Ministry, the operation of the evacuation of Greek and foreign nationals from the port of Tripoli was completed successfully early this morning.

The evacuation was conducted by the frigate “SALAMIS”, supported by an organic helicopter and a properly equipped team of the Underwater Demolition Command.

According to sources, SALAMIS reached off shore of Tripolis after a 27-hour sail. The frigate kept a safe distance from the port while inflatable dinghies of the Libyan navy and two Libyan tugs helped the evacuees board SALAMIS.

The frigate sails to the port of Piraeus, where it is expected to arrive on Saturday morning.

A total of 186 persons are on board the frigate: 77 Greek nationals (including the personnel of the Greek Embassy), 12 Cypriot nationals, 78 Chinese nationals, 10 British nationals, 7 Belgian nationals, 1 Russian national and 1 Albanian national.