‘Organised effort’ underway to prevent SYRIZA’s return to power, Ragkousis says

Main opposition SYRIZA’s rapporteur for the revision of the Constitution, Giannis Ragkousis, on Sunday claimed that an “organised effort” was underway to prevent SYRIZA’s return to power, through the measures associated with the election law and to facilitate voting by Greeks abroad from their place of residence.

The aim of this effort, “as accidentally revealed by [Agriculture Minister Makis] Voridis, was to adopt ‘appropriate legislative measures’ to ensure that progressive party does not rule again,” Ragkousis said.

“As main opposition leader and SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras said, with both the proposed draft legislation and the corresponding proposal for revising the Constitution that we have submitted, what is achieved for the first time is to give voters outside Greece the right to vote from afar without involving them in petty political games that aim to alter political balances each time,” Ragkousis noted.

None of the other proposals unveiled, even those moving in a positive direction were accompanied by the required Constitutional revision, he pointed out, and those that agreed to the government’s plan were “essentially assisting the implementation of the Voridis plan”.

The government’s proposal, according to Ragkousis, essentially aimed to “reduce the value and weight of the vote of Greek men and women that are permanent residents of the country,” noting that no progressive party of the past 45 years had agreed to this “wanting to avoid a new national divide, a bomb at the foundations of democratic regularity”.