OTIS present its new generation lifts in the Greek market

OTIS presented its new generation lifts Gen2 in the Greek market during an interactive event with its partners in Gazarte, Athens.

The new lifts combine state-of-the-art design with smart operations, offering more than 400,000 combinations in design with high-end technologies that will change the lift experience. OTIS lifts offer an architect the opportunity to create another room in a building, which beyond transferring passengers also contributes in upgrading building quality.

“Lifts are at the heart of buildings,” Nasos Bikas, chairman and chief executive of OTIS Greece, Cyprus and Western Balkans said during the even addressing the company’s partners. “They are part of our experience in an office, or a hotel, but oftenly oversaw in the designing of a building. More than a transport mean, a lift and a lobby is a sign of luxury and design,” Bikas said.

The new Gen2 lift has a full range of multimedia services, offering online information to passengers and allowing the use of smartphone in calling for a lift from a distance.