Our aim is to transform Pancretan Cooperative Bank into a modern bank, Sallas says

“It is a developmental bet that we will win, proving that the Greek economy and, of course, the economy of Crete have prospects and growth dynamism. Our aim is to transform the Pancretan Co-operative Bank into a modern credit institution that will actively support local entrepreneurship and the economy,”
Lyktos Group Chairman Mihalis Sallas said during a press conference in Heraklion, referring to his decision to participate as a strategic investor in the Pancretan Cooperative Bank and presenting his plans for the future of the credit institution.

“We set goals and serve them with high-level know-how and sense of responsibility. In a very short time the results will be significant,” said Sallas. At the same time, he expressed his joy in participating in Pancretan Bank, stressing that he would contribute from his own side with all his strength and help Pancretan’s efforts to upgrade and go to another level as a bank in order to be able to respond better to modern conditions. He also said that he would not participate in the board of directors, but he would nominate 2-3 members for the Board.

Mr. Sallas also said that teams and specialized consultants have already been set up to provide more services to upgrade services and products to the Cretan economy.

The President of Pancretan Bank, Nikos Myrtakis, at the beginning of the interview, spoke warmly about Mr. Sallas, noting that this “meeting” was not accidental. “Mihalis Sallas is a successful Greek banker, the man who built the country’s first bank on a zero basis, and I can not help mentioning Mr. Salla’s origin from Heraklion, Crete, home of our Bank. I welcome him, “said the president of Pancretan Cooperative Bank. “I believe that with the participation of Lyktos in our equity capital, a new era begins for Pancretan, for the local economy, for our employees and for our 84,000 shareholders,” said Mr. Myrtakis.

Lyktos President Michalis Sallas and Pancretan President Nikos Myrtakis, referring to the future objectives, said that a series of actions will be launched that will strengthen the Bank and lead it to increased profitability.

“We want to make Pangratia a model cooperative bank,” said Mr. Sallas.