Over 46,000 hectares burnt by wildfires in Evia, National Observatory says

The surface area of land burnt during the wildfires starting on August 3 on the island of Evia is approximately 465,820 stremmas (46,582 hectares), the National Observatory of Athens’ center ‘Beyond’ said on Thursday.

The figure was reached after analysing 4 different high-resolutuon images from the European satellite Sentinel-2 on August 11, it said.

Beyond was also able to detect the different types of burnt land:

– 197,700 stremmas (19,770 hectares) of forestland

– 99,600 stremmas (9,960 ha) of low brush land

– 90,650 stremmas (9,065 ha) of farmland

– 77,720 stremmas (7,772 ha) of grassland

– 4,350 stremmas (435 ha) of green zones used for leisure activities

– 800 stremmas (80 ha) of sparse vegetation