Over 50 pct of TAP pipes in Greece is in the ground, says country manager

Over 50 percent of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Greece (276km) has been placed in the ground and backfilled, while more than 95 percent of the line-pipes for the Greek section have been delivered to the ports of Kavala, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis, TAP’s Country Manager for Greece, Katerina Papalexandri, said at the 2nd Thessaloniki Summit.

Papalexandri said the project is well within schedule and on track in all three Northern Greek Prefectures traversed by the pipeline.

Breaking down the progress, she said that:

-441km of pipeline have been cleared and graded – more than 80% of the entire Greek route

-404km have been strung and 371km welded

-276km of pipeline have been placed in the ground and backfilled (over 50% of TAP’s route in Greece), and

-180km of land are being reinstated

-hydrotests are also being conducted – one of the final stages of construction