PΜ Tsipras marks the 72nd anniversary of Athens’ liberation from German troops

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras marked the 72nd anniversary of Athens’ liberation from German troops saying the date urges people today to remember history and continue their fight against fascism.

“For many decades, Greece was the only country that didn’t celebrate the end of the Second World War and its liberation from the Nazis. The reason is obvious. Liberation was followed by events that marked our modern history and culminated with the Civil War. Anyone who spoke about the liberation would have to speak about those issues too,” Tsipras said in a statement.

“Today, October 12 is celebrated openly. We remember the day Athens was freed from its invaders. The day the Greek people won again their place in the pantheon of those who are fighting against enemies superior in size and equipment, but are injust. Those who were sacrificed for freedom and democracy,” he continued.

“We’re not afraid to talk about the past and about the struggles that this past commands today. For the modern fight against fascism and so that the world never forgets the overwhelming experience of the Holocaust. And so that refugees do not become the new object of racist propaganda,” he said.