P. Kammenos: I will support Alexis Tsipras to the end

Whoever wishes to support the government’s ruling majority is “welcome” to do so, said the Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos. He also commented on the ecumenical government scenarios, noting that in September, Greek people voted for the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition.

The Greek defense minister stressed that he will support Alexis Tsipras “to the end,” in an interview with Mega channel. When asked about Kostas Karamanlis’ role and what he was planning to do if the former prime minister of Greece asked him to remove his party from the government so that New Democracy could make a comeback, Kammenos replied:

“I have an honest relationship with Costas Karamanlis. I listen to him, I respect him and love him. However, the Independent Greeks (ANEL) make decisions independently. I do not take orders from anybody and Karamanlis would never do something like that. He would not intervene. He has chosen to stay out of the political scene, I would not involve him.”

At the same time, the Greek defense minister insisted on his plans to recruit women in the army, despite the reactions of various government officials. In fact, he stated that he intends to discuss the issue with SYRIZA’s Parliamentary Group.