P. Kammenos to Erdogan: The effort to dispute international treaties leads to dangerous paths

Greece’s National Defence Minister Panos Kammenos on Friday joined those urging Turkey’s president not to go down the “dangerous path” of disputing international treaties, in statements after meeting European Defence Agency (EDA)
Chief Executive Ambassador Jorge Domecq in Athens. Kammenos had been asked to comment on a statement made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan concerning the settlement on the Aegean islands under the Lausanne Treaty.

“The entire world is now aware of the effort that Mr. Erdogan is making to convert Turkey into a theocratic state, disputing any change made by Kemal Ataturk, because of his domestic front,” Kammenos said.

“I would urge him, though, to be especially careful when he hears voices from the shores of Asia Minor to the Greek islands, because these voices were Greek…they were the voices of the Asia Minor Greeks that existed before [the voices] of those that slaughtered Greeks. Such references do not help the coexistence of the two peoples and the effort to dispute international treaties leads to dangerous paths. I would advise him not to follow them,” the defence minister added.