P. Moscovici: Greeks have done so many sacrifices and finally the country is now ready to turn page

“The Greeks have done so many sacrifices in the last years and finally the country is ready to turn page. The success story we are writing together means the return to normality but a normality with sustainable public economic policy and a competitive economy that will be able to create the job position that the Greeks need so much” stated European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici in an interview with the Sunday edition of Ethnos newspaper.

Moscovici who arrives on Monday in Athens said that “according to the conclusions of the first review and the good progress in the second review, I believe that now the conditions are suitable for the discussions that must be held in the next Eurogroup meeting” adding that “May’s agreement defines clearly the next steps, with three packages of measures (long-term, short-term and mid-term) that remain to be agreed. The further discussions on the debt will play a very important role in IMF’s participation in the programmes as it was agreed in May”.

Moscovici said it is ‘absolutely feasible” the staff agreement to close in the following days. Based on this agreement the Greek authorities must implement those agreed and to rapidly proceed with the necessary next steps in order the second review to be completed “This, however, demands the total cooperation and participation of all the interested parts”.

Referring to the thorny issue of the changes in the labour market, Moscovici noted that there is still work to be done adding that progress has been recorded.