P. Skourletis: We won the battle for ADMIE public networks

We have done a very serious job in the last 13 months but some really important issues were not promoted by the media. We were attacked by forces from inside and outside the country, stated Panos Skourletis handing over the Energy and Environment Ministry to George Stathakis.

We managed, although we did not implement a policy that was not ours, to put our own mark, said Skourletis adding that “We were consistent to our 2015 programme engagements. I believe we won one of the largest political battles. The battle for the public networks of Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) which is now a point of reference in all Europe.”

We remained stable to what we said. “We cancelled the plan for a small PPC and secured 1 bln euros of extraordinary liquidity for PPC in 2017, said Skourletis and asked 17 pct of PPC to not be sold.

On his part, the new Energy Minister said “my job is easier because my predecessor is Panos Skourletis” adding that the solid bases are a strong legacy to continue adding that “energy is an extremely important issue for the Greek economy.”