Pakistani migrant who were beaten in Aspropyrgos meets with Greek citizen protection minister

The government will show “zero tolerance towards fascist-like practices,” Alternate Minister for Citizen Protection Nikos Toskas said on Tuesday, during a visit to the ministry by Pakistani migrant Ashfaq Mehmood, who was one of two laborers viciously beaten in the industrial zone of Aspropyrgos, west of Athens, on Saturday.

The Pakistani nationals were working on a farm when they were surrounded by five men hurling racist slurs who then beat them with knuckle-dusters.

Mehmood was accompanied by the president of the Pakistani Community in Greece and by Panos Lambrou, head of the ruling SYRIZA party’s human rights section. They discussed the attack itself and the situation in Aspropyrgos, a suburb northwest of Athens, and the harassment of migrant laborers in western Attica in general.

The visitors requested the minister’s intervention, and Toskas briefed them on police actions to find the perpetrators and improve safety for people living in the area.