Paleontologist Michel Brunet to speak in Athens on the unbelievable history of the human race

Noted French paleontologist Michel Brunet will be in Athens on February 7 to deliver a speech on our ancestors and the unbelievable course of 500,000 generations that led to homo sapiens.

Professor Brunet’s speech “The origin and the history of the human race: we are all Africans, those we know, those we believe we know and the those we are not aware of” will be held at Megaro Plus with free entrance but with priority tickets.

The event will be broadcast live via the internet

Michel Brunet, (born on April 6, 1940), is Professor of the College de France, Chaire de Paleontologie humaine in Paris and a Member of the Institut International de Paleoprimatologie et Paleontologie humaine: evolution et paleoenvironnements (I.P.H.E.P.) of the University of Poitiers.

In 2001 Brunet announced the discovery in Central Africa of the skull and jaw remains of a late Miocene hominid nicknamed Toumaï. These remains are believed to predate the earliest previously known hominid remains, Lucy, by over three million years.

More recently he has also led field surveys and diggings for fossil mammals and primates in Libya and Egypt (with the Al Fateh University of Tripoli & Cairo University).