Palestinian Ambassador Toumbassi briefs KKE leader on developments in Palestine

Communist Party (KKE) secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas received on Monday the Palestinian Ambassador Marwan Toumbassi at the party headquarters in Perissos.

Toumbassi briefed Koutsoumbas on the developments in Palestine and referred to the expansion of the Israeli settlement and the “dangerous conditions in the Palestine’s territory”. He also thanked Koutsoumbas for his solidarity and the support to the struggle of the people of Palestine.

On his part, Koutsoumbas referred to the need to intesify the common struggle of the people against the imperialistic wars and interventions.

Koutsoumbas condemned the Israeli occupation and the recent decision of the Israeli parliament for the expansion of the settlements and lashed out at the US decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem.