Pancretan Cooperative Bank announces new board

Pancretan Cooperative Bank on Wednesday announced a new board of council with a four-year tenure, a result of an election held in March 3, 2018.

The new board comprises of: Nikolaos Myrtakis, Chairman and CEO, Iosif Sifakis, first vice-president, George Kourletakis, executive second president, Antonios Vasilakis, secretary, Emmanouel Manolidakis, treasurer, and Constantinos Papadakis, George Kaloutsakis, Thomas Haritakis, Iordanis Chatzikonstantinou as members, while Stelios Vorgias is the representative of workers union.

Addressing the new board, Nikos Myrtakis underlined the significant increase of the bank’s equity capital, higher deposits and profitability and bringing down to zero of the bank’s dependence from ELA. Myrtakis said that the participation of Lyktos Group Participations as a strategic investor helped the bank to implement faster its business programme and underlined that Pancretan Cooperative Bank met all preconditions to evolve into a modern, flexible and efficient credit institutions, continuing its work as a significant factor for the development of the local economy.