Papadimoulis: Part of Greece’s debt is price paid for corruption cases

A part of Greece’s large pile of debt is the price Greek people are paying for the unresolved corruption cases, European Parliament Vice-President Dimitris Papadimoulis said in an interview with Alpha TV station on Sunday, commenting on the restart of the long-delayed trial on the Siemens scandal.

“A part of Greek public debt is waste caused by the clientelist state and another part is the price citizens pay because of corruption cases. Either they are related to Siemens and OTE and Intracom, who signed twin contracts, either they have to do with C41, the security system during the Olympic Games, where Siemens was also involved,” Papadimoulis, who is also an MEP for SYRIZA, was quoted as saying.

He said the Siemens scandal is maybe “the biggest political-economic scandal in the country since the end of the Junta”, noting its size was revealed with the information that came from the United States and Germany. “Politicians and government officials are involved [in the scandal] but also the two then-governing parties, ND and PASOK, whose treasuries pocketed a chunk of Siemens Hellas’ turnover,” he said.