Pappas meets with global giants in the US to attract investments, TIF participation

Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Nikos Pappas is continuing his contacts in the United States in order to attract investments in the audiovisual sector as well as candidate exhibitors for the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) 2018, where the US will be the honoured country.

In San Francisco, the second stop of his tour after Los Angeles, Pappas visited Facebook’s headquarters, Electronic Arts (one of the largest video game companies in the world), AirBnB and Lockheed Martin, which is constructing the Hellas Sat 4 satellite, to be launched into the Greek orbit zone before the end of the year.

The discussion at Facebook’s headquarters focused on the issue of fake news and the Greek side developed the initiatives of the Ministry of Digital Policy to create an Online Media Registry, through which state advertising could be used to set transparency rules in online information.

At Electronic Arts, Pappas gave a detailed account of the new incentive framework already set up by the Greek side and of the available funds totaling 450 million euros over the next five years that will fund the subsidy of 25 pct of the selected costs for audiovisual productions – including video games and animation – in Greece.

In discussions with AirBnB, the prospects for the development of Greek tourism and the presence of the group in Greece were explored.

The Greek mission also traveled to Lockheed Martin’s premises in San Francisco and had the opportunity to see the Hellas Sat 4 satellite shortly before it entered the final test stage.

“We had the opportunity to meet with American companies, which are leaders in their fields on a global scale. We informed their directors that the Greek economy has turned a page and that now Greece is a safe and friendly place for international investors. We explored the prospects of expanding their presence in our country and of further developing collaborations,” Pappas said.