Pappas: State must ensure that benefits of new technologies are guaranteed for everyone

“The state must ensure that the benefits of new technologies and their possibilities are guaranteed for everyone,” Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Minister Nikos Pappas said on Tuesday during the 10th Regional Conference on Productive Reconstruction held for a second day in Tripolis.

Pappas underlined that the inequalities will multiply “if these technologies are not spread fairly in the Greek economy and society.”

The minister added: “This is a prospect that we want and we can prevent based on the unity of all forces, at all levels, from the citizens to the central government.”

Pappas said that the recent economic and political history showed that regional disparities can become the root of major economic crises, noting that Greece is a country that has huge regional inequalities, and specifying that there are regions which are well above the average in per capita GDP and regions which are below the average.

“In my opinion, the way in which new technologies are spread out in society, in the public administration, in the regions will either be the root of new inequalities and new crises or will become a very useful tool for the social, substantial and economic convergence of the regions as well as of our society as a whole,” the minister noted.