Parliament approves bill on EU directive on markets in financial instruments

Parliament approved in principle on Thursday a draft bill that incorporates into Greek legislation the European directive on markets in financial instruments.

The legislation was approved by the majority of Greek parties with the exception of extreme-right Golden Dawn and the Communist Party of Greece, which voted against it. In addition, the Union of Centrists declared “present”.

During the debate in Parliament, Deputy Finance Minister Katerina Papanatsiou and senior ruling party SYRIZA parliamentary representative Christos Mantas strongly denied opposition charges that the Eurogroup agreement approving the conclusion of the third programme review and the disbursement of a loan tranche to Greece included new measures.

“There is no government agreement for 130,000 auctions to be conducted the next three years, in the decisions related to the conclusion of the third programme review,” Papanatsiou insisted, adding that a distinction should be made between auctions from foreclosures resulting from arrears to banks versus those resulting from arrears to the state.