Parliament guard report says attack on parliament lasted three hours

A report by the head of the parliament guard on Sunday’s protests claims it was “sheer luck” that no one was seriously injured or worse during the violent incidents around parliament, Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) sources said on Tuesday. The report also emphasised the sheer quantity of makeshift projectiles used in the attacks, noting that the work to collecting them is still continuing, while praising the “self-restraint, discipline and professionalism” shown by police stationed around parliament.

The report notes that the various items – stones, pieces of marble, iron bars and pieces of wood – that had rained down on police for roughly three hours, from 14:25 to 17:20, had so far filled 86 large bags.

It added that Sunday’s events, including the persistent and often simultaneous assaults on parliament from different vantage points, with the participants involved returning each time with new “ammunition”, all pointed to a plan organised in advance. Police were also struck by the use of more dangerous items to attack the parliament, including nails, flares, new types of petrol bombs, construction tools, such as crow bars and sledgehammers, combined with red and white paint.

Fierce attacks using these items led to a large number of police being injured and extensive damage, the report said. The violence intensified about half an hour into the incidents, at about 14:50 when continuous attacks led to a breach of the fencing along Vassilisis Sofias Avenue and on the Vassilisis Amalias Avenue side, continuing for another 2.5 hours, the report added.

The police are also in no doubt about the identity of those involved, noting that they displayed far-right slogans and pointing to the presence of Golden Dawn MP Ioannis Lagos among them.