Parliament head Ν. Voutsis meets Israeli president during official visit

Parliament President Nikos Voutsis met with Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin on Thursday to discuss bilateral relations, on the third day of his official visit to Israel.

During the meeting, Reuven said Israel’s relations with Greece and Cyprus can form an important triangle of cooperation. Commenting on Greece’s economic crisis, he said in its beginning nobody believed Greece would be able to make such important steps to exit the crisis, adding that the country’s efforts are an example for all democracies in the world.

Concerning Greek-Israeli relations, he said “now is the time when we must consolidate relationships of trust with the Palestinians,” noting that any agreement achieved could not succeed without trust and peaceful living for both sides.

On his side, Voutsis said it is particularly important that Greece and Israel had improved relations over the last two years. Concerning the Middle East conflict, he reiterated the EU and Greece’s view for the existence of two separate states, as well as the point that the policy of settlement expansion is jeopardizes efforts to find a solution.