Parliament head, Kirchner, discuss bonds of friendship between Greece and Argentina

The similarities in the histories of Greece and Argentina, the bonds of friendship, the fight for human rights and the experience of the economic crisis were discussed in a meeting between Parliament President Nikos Voutsis and former Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on Monday.

“Our country, with its geostrategic location, was the victim of a seven-year dictatorial sovereignty 50 years ago, and also recently, for eight years now, is in a state of informal bankruptcy and so the experiences of the two countries in those issues are related,” he said.

Voutsis said he was pleased with Kirchner’s presence in parliament noting that for several years when she was president of Argentina, “she had an important presence in international developments and on the forefront of social struggles in her own country.”

“Unfortunately Greece and Argentina present similarities historically […] because in Greece the dictatorship fell after the tragedy of the occupation of a part of Cyprus, from the tragedy of 1974, which was the point after which the dictatorship could not hold on to power anymore,” he added.

He also thanked her for visiting the refugee center in Eleonas on Sunday, noting she knows the role Greece has played in the refugee crisis.

Kirchner responded to Voutsis that she visited the center to show the Greek government’s position in favour of refugees, by welcoming and helping the people who arrive in the country.

“Greece is trying to rebuild itself from its financial problems but at the same time tries to offer its full support to the thousands of people who are forced to leave their countries, to war victims, as well as victims of religious unrest,” she said.