Parliament not authorised to hear Novartis case, says lawmakers of Syriza

Parliament is not authorized to prosecute and hear the crimes related to the scandal of Swiss drugs manufacturer Novartis, said the lawmakers of Syriza in a report Tuesday.

The report was issued to justify their recent decision that the case of alleged bribery and money laundering should be turned over to judicial authorities.

There is no political thinking behind this decision, the report said, adding that it is based on the fact that this way justice can be properly attributed.

Two former prime ministers and eight former ministers were named by Parliament as persons of interest in the scandal. Most, however, refused a summons to testify at the investigating committee after learning they were expected to also provide an opinion on the committee’s competence to investigate them.

According to Greek laws and ministerial immunity laws, former ministers can be investigated for dereliction of duty by Parliament but not for money laundering.