Parliament plenum to consider disciplinary measures against Golden Dawn

The Parliament plenum will decide on March 14 what action should be taken against two Golden Dawn MPs after they reportedly accused in two separate occasions a SYRIZA lawmaker who is Muslim of being a “Turkish agent”.

The issue was discussed on Wednesday in a meeting of the Conference of Parliament Presidents and will be referred to the Ethics Committee on March 12. The plenum will decide whether to impose additional disciplinary measures against the party or take other measures provided for by the parliament’s regulation.

During a closed meeting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense on Tuesday, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris called for the removal of SYRIZA MP Moustafa Moustafa as it concerned sensitive national issues. The meeting was interrupted and Kasidiaris was removed from the chamber.

Another GD MP, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, reiterated the accusations at the plenum on Wednesday.

The Conference of Parliament Presidents is said to have expressed the view that incidents like these caused by Golden Dawn are no longer sporadic but are escalating in a planned manner.