Parliament president Nikos Voutsis stresses the symbolism of Juncker’s visit

Parliament president Nikos Voutsis underlined the symbolism of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s visit to Athens, as he welcomed the head of the European Commission to the Hellenic Parliament. He noted the discussions that Juncker held with the state and political leadership of the country, as well as his support for Greece and Greek society in the final stages before the country’s exit from tough memorandum commitments.

Voutsis praised Juncker’s constant contribution to the realisation that the crisis must be seen as a European problem and not one confined to the affected economies, in an environment that unfortunately favored and imposed very tough fiscal adjustment programmes with the serious social repercussions, “which Greek society and its youth have experienced”.

He also noted that Juncker remained committed to keeping Greece in the eurozone and his contribution to tackling the major crisis with respect for the principles of international law, solidarity and humanism, “in contrast to the indifference, or even the undermining of this policy, shown by the leadership in some member-states.”