Parliament President Nikos Voutsis: Greek program review will close

The second program review will conclude and people who want to lead Greece to financial asphyxiation this summer “will be defeated”, parliament President Nikos Voutsis said in an interview with “Real News” newspaper, published on Saturday.

“The review will close and those who want to lead the country to an [economic] asphyxiation this summer will be defeated because power relations no longer benefit them,” he was quoted as telling the paper. “The government must take legislative and programmatic advantage of the cracks in the program and the opportunities presented by the progress of the Greek economy,” he added.

Voutsis also attacked the International Monetary Fund and those politicians in Europe who still insist on harsh austerity and social exclusion, accusing them of “anxiously devising for months a balance of terror, which turns their compromises to antisocial reforms in our country.”