Parliament President Voutsis meets with European Ombudsman O’Reilly

Parliament president Nikos Voutsis met on Tuesday with European Ombudsman Emily O’ Reilly at his office in parliament.

During the meeting, Voutsis praised the role of the European Ombudsman, particularly regarding the future of the European Union and the search for a new architecture to give democratic legitimacy to its institutions. Voutsis noted that “the contribution of the European Ombudsman is very useful and important in the democratic establishment of political systems in European countries, so that questions raised about their democratic operation can be answered in a positive way, which favours its citizens.”

O’Reilly said that the role of the European mediator is to promote democratic accountability and transparency in European institutions and noted that the work of her predecessor Nikiforos Diamantouros and the Greek Ombudsman Andreas Pottakis was an inspiration for her.

Finally, she referred to the challenges Greece is facing, saying that as an Irish person she was very well aware of the difficulties since her country had to go through a similar process of supervision by the institutions “so we have common experience and feelings”.