Parliament President Voutsis to ANA: More radical approaches to reforms are needed in EU

Parliament president Nikos Voutsis is in Rome to participate in the extraordinary meeting of EU parliamentary presidents held for the 60-year anniversary from the signing of the Founding Treaty of Rome.

Speaking to the Athens Macedonian News Agency on the importance of his presence in the meeting Voutsis said: “Our presence in Rome focuses on the ascertainment that more radical and in depth approaches to the reforms and the re-foundation of the European Union are necessary. To gain a larger democratic legalisation which has shrunk to abolition in the conscience of a large part of the people of Europe as well as in addressing the current economic, institutional, refugees and other matters as issues of international relations. We don’t need a superficial approach on how better Europe can become if it continues to exist. An in-depth discussion on the agreements and the EU Treaties should be held with focus on a new architecture that will give an increased democratic legalisation. This is the message we want to give in Rome, as a country that is in a seven-year restrictive memorandum policy and has problems arising from the strategy of extended austerity, but also as a country which is a pole of stability in a sensitive geopolitical region.”