Parliament presidents’ conference begins 5th meeting on forming NCRTV

The Conference of Parliament Presidents, chaired by Parliament President Nikos Voutsis, on Monday convened for its fifth meeting to discuss forming a new National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV).

Starting the meeting, Voutsis noted that it was the fifth attempt after four previous unsuccessful efforts and also noted the significance of the decision reached by the Council of State, but also the need to proceed to form the NCRTV regardless.

“The publication of the CoS ruling will take place after 1.5 to two months at least, according to official briefings. It is clear, therefore, that we must proceed at least with regard to the NCRTV independently of studying the ruling,” Voutsis said.

According to the Parliament president, choosing the members that will form a new NCRTV was not dependent on any other process and an NCRTV should exist, independent of all other processes, political disagreements or court rulings since the lack of a television sector regulator was a major shortcoming.

He also underlined that reaching a four-fifths consensus and setting up a new NCRTV was a constitutional obligation, not a recommendation, and that the political system must comply.

Voutsis announced that Vyron Polydoras was proposed by the government as the head of the new NCRTV, with Rodolfos Moronis as the deputy chairman.