Parliament to begin confidence vote debate at noon-Government has the 151 votes

The debate on the vote of confidence in the government will begin in the plenary in parliament at 12:00 noon on Tuesday morning, according to updated information received Monday evening.

The Conference of Presidents said the debate would end with a vote on Wednesday night.

The meeting also decided to postpone Monday’s scheduled discussion on an education ministry draft bill that was due to begin at noon.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras initiated the process on Sunday, sending a letter to Parliament President Nikos Voutsis asking him to make the necessary arrangements. The prime minister announced that he would ask parliament to renew its vote of confidence in the government, rather than make use of constitutional leeway to rule without an explicit majority, after the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party announced that it was withdrawing from the coalition with SYRIZA on Sunday.

The numbers

SYRIZA itself has 145 MPs and with the addition of the ANEL MPs and┬áKaterina Papacosta and Potami MP’s Spyros Danellis will reach 151 in the 300-seat Parliament.

Ealier, “i will cast a vote of confidence in the government,” Deputy Agricultural Development and Food Minister Vassilis Kokkalis said in a statement. Kokkalis also said that he will become independent, resigning from the Independent Greeks (ANEL) parliamentary group following ANEL’s departure from the coalition government. He explained that the cooperation between SYRIZA and ANEL was honest and clearcut, but the two parties disagreed over the Prespes Agreement and the solution of the FYROM name dispute. He reiterated that he will not vote for the Prespes Agreement, as he does not consider it positive, but intends to support other measures planned by the government.

“I clearly support the government to complete its work. I deliberately keep my distance from political games and I will continue my political career with seriousness, responsibility and based on the national interest, as I always did,” Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura also said on Monday in an exclusive statement to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

“I am visiting China as a member of an official delegation with the view to reaching beneficial agreements for Greece in the fields of agricultural production, transport and tourism. I want to make it clear that I am not negotiating my right to vote according to my conscience. This government has worked very hard on Greece’s final exit from the memoranda and the austerity programmes. We cannot allow the country’s course towards growth and prosperity to be stopped and the sacrifices of the Greek people to be cancelled. Moreover we cannot give the right to those responsible for the destruction of Greece to cause the destabilisation of the government and the country.”

Also,accoriding to their statements, ANEL MP’s Thannasis Papachristopoulos and Kostas Zouraris will give vote of confidence to the government.