Parliament to debate Thessaloniki Port concession on Thursday in a fast-track procedure

A draft bill on the concession of 67 percent of Thessaloniki Port’s (OLTH) share capital to a German-led joint venture will be introduced in the parliament plenum on Thursday (Feb. 22) in a fast-track procedure.

On Tuesday, the relevant parliamentary committee approved the shipping ministry’s bill with a wide majority. The ruling coalition parties SYRIZA and ANEL along with New Democracy and Potami voted in favour, the Communist Party voted against and Golden Dawn and the Centrists’ Union reserved their decision for the plenum.

The consortium, called South Europe Gateway Thessaloniki (SEGT), has offered 231.9 million euros to manage the port and will spend at least 180 million euros to upgrade its infrastructure within seven years. The deal was signed with Greece’s privatization agency last December.